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Others unreasonable Neighbor L, have bee, make cheap nike nfl jerseys wholesale with superior 100% guarantee time between parents and the reason is that L talked about a provincial boyfriend, the man suspected of parents too far from home, and L married in the past, in case of being bullied, no one can for her timely support, so simply disagree with L and her boyfriend to continue to contact, at first L also took up arms, but their reaction is more intense, and they put the L into the room, and she broke all communication tools, the L off for a month, L was very filial piety, listen to my parents, coupled with their personality lovely gentleness, after such a toss, unexpectedly also from the parents, and her boyfriend parted. Later, L married a local husband, life is still harmonious and happy.

Students healer and L, a similar experience: boyfriend provinces, and cheap jerseys wholesale the family economic conditions in general, so their love was strongly opposed to any family. But any strong character, personal ability is very strong, coupled with the look of this marriage, so no compromise. The mother said, her boyfriend any of the family is not wealthy, later in life will be very hard. Small said: not rich can create wealth with both hands. The father said: you married to the other side in case of being bullied, no one to help you. Small said: I do have their own master, not bully me. Any answer, let parents speechless. The end result is that the healer being evicted. Any uncomfortable for a while, and her boyfriend went to Shanghai to fight. With dance, healer founded his own dance training, and business is good. Two years after the Spring Festival, our home, at home in the city to buy a house of my own, and then also healer is pregnant. Our parents will no longer oppose what.

Colleague M, ability to work well, and hard-working, but I do not know how it is, and cheap nfl jerseys wholesale not a boss urine pot. The boss a few assignments, M will also go to complete, but always in the complete process full of complaints, exudes strong resentment. The contradiction between the concentration of the outbreak, because the distribution of the annual budget, M thought the boss gave him the sector distribution budget is too small, is not reasonable, let the boss to give a statement, the boss explained that according to the completion of the last year and this year’s index to the budget, M let the company last year and complete index this year, the index of all data, and explain clearly, so the boss furiously took a table, then M also Hengmeilengdui took the table, a meeting of embarrassment. M was later removed from the city, is also affected by the occupation development.

Hua Zi students, after graduation went to work in a large state-owned enterprises, because the state-owned plus serious promotion according to status, just graduated from Hua Zi who have retained some of the students to the childish, so when Hua Zi went to the Department under the leadership of Hua Zi is not to be seen, but there is a hard-working, kind-hearted, tea and natural water without end but some colleagues said, usually what little busy, Hua Zi can help to help, even so, Hua Zi still heard from the side, leading to his evaluation is not high, but Hua Zi did not put these in mind, it is not depressed, but continue to do their own thing, and strive to improve business skills. Then, after a year and a half, Hua Zi because of business excellence and outstanding performance, a promotion, a year later, Hua Zi promoted second times, while Hua Zi has become a leading old boss, and became very good friends and old leaders.

I would like to share these stories, because for me, they are not cheap nike jerseys wholesale a “story”, but life itself, because they have different forms in my life and affect me, and they like the back of a coin, a common interpretation of the real life itself looks like you it is very difficult to arbitrarily say that, for them, the life of this coin is positive or negative, in the end, because life is a test, everyone is just trying to seriously give their own answers, however, it is not a standard answer.

But if you put aside the factors of value choice, one thing is: even if others obviously unreasonable for you, if you have enough strength, you are still more likely to get the life you want.

Let us look back:

When Ma promotion Alibaba, many people called a liar, big flicker, how many people were willing to tell him unreasonable, listen to him talk his business plan? Can ma by virtue of their own strength and dedication, so that the Alibaba to become a ring to the world’s name.

The first song friend Jay Chou, who came energizes, and who are willing to wholesale cheap nike jerseys tell him reason to listen to him talk music dream? He with his talent and ability, and eventually become the iconic characters of Chinese music.

The first part of Zhou Xingchi, just a few seconds of dew face will die a small supporting role, at that time who told him unreasonable, invited him to make a comedy movie? But he became a veritable king of comedy by virtue of his own comic talent and excellent acting skills.

Let’s turn to think:

If you are not selling, you blame your competitors unreasonable,cheap nike nfl jerseys wholesale disrupting the market, what is the use? Not to think about how to improve their products and make it more competitive, is the kingly way.

If you quarrel with his girlfriend, you blame your girlfriend unreasonable, do not care about you, what is the use? Think about how you can improve yourself.

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You sat at a desk online from china free shipping, looking out of Tough times wholesale cheap nike jerseys the window gradually dim down the sky, tears in the eyes, but trying to not let it fall down. Just now, you found the college entrance examination scores, away from the university you want to go two thousand kilometers away. Under the age of 20, you have to think as long as the lofty ideals and high aspirations in high and vigorous spirits, and the dream will be at your fingertips. I can not bear to have revealed to you the reality of the cruel, but also did not persuade you to try another year”. After all, you have to take the road, after all, to make their own decisions.

You are not willing to enter the ordinary undergraduate colleges and universities. You clearly remember, to the school gate, to send your father is still asking, “do you really intend to go to school here?” You look down at the foot of the road, just under the rain, it is muddy. You have no answer, dragging luggage, continue to move forward. Originally optimistic you started to get some then be scanty of words. Do you think that life can only be so mediocre to go on, so be it.

Your rebellious adolescence, are very picky about what; you covered with thorns, the students see you all away. That day, I saw you again with a roommate from the conflict, they chat with the day, you left out in the cold. You a person went to the Internet bar, in that virtual space, with strange friends vent your distress. Soon, you learned how to play truant, with parents for living expenses and travel around. You said to yourself, mix it, find a job is always not difficult, who is not so?

The Mid Autumn Festival, you go home, away from the school there cheap nfl jerseys online are two hours by car of a small town. The car pulled through a T-junction, in front of a car and a truck carrying coal trucks nearly collided, two drivers are at the wheel, car overturned truck is doubled, the vehicle will be buried coal car. You scared, because of the victims, there are two students of the same age with you. The first time you saw the fragility of life. Tomorrow and accident, do not know which one will come first.

Collect the bus leave on that day, you have to sit on the full like you have to go back to school students. Parents in the three layer in the three layers of the car around, the car moved very slowly, until send a T-junction, parents just spread slowly. You are in the crowd, I see your mother, temples with Shuang Hua, his face is not assured look. Before that, she had never sent you to the station. You used to think she might have been disappointed with you. But at that moment, you see, her love is never far away.

Back to school, you decided to study section of the. It was a tough decision price for cheap nfl jerseys – it’s been a big 3, your English level Four is not over yet. You bought a thick English dictionary, and you’re just going to be crazy. There are students in private bet, like you such a student, how can you insist on a cheap nike jerseys online month? You hear, and you don’t have any arguments. Just, the time to get up early in the morning, the time to lie down at night to push the. I love you, always say, “don’t be too hard to work and rest.” However, I also know that you have been abandoned for too long, you want to take the time to come back.

A few months later, you really passed the four level; the third semester, six also had a. In the eyes of all the people, you will continue to read your book. Parents pay for you to rent a bed, in the vicinity of the school in order to save money, your classmates in a crowded shop. Just because the rental night will not turn off the lights. You think, as long as you maintain such a rhythm, you should also go to the entrance of the road will be smooth bar. But the score, or a little bit worse. You quietly put away your report card, start looking for a job. Finally, in a no one night, you burst into tears, said I’m sorry parents pay. I can’t help but cry with you.

After graduation, you rent a house, go to work during the day, review at night, sleep only four or five hours a day, the body will soon be eating. One day, you come out from the company, transfer to the bus, the feeling is not steady. You sent a message to a friend said, to his entrance examination, you have to give up. Friends hurried to, give you boil a pot of porridge. You lie on the sofa, listening to her let you listen to the song, “the most want to place, how can it return in halfway……”

Second years, you have passed the exam, is a research university that you have cheap jerseys online from china been thinking of the students. From the first place to go to big city, your heart full of fear and inferiority. Other students seem to be versatile, but you can’t do anything. They teach you to play tennis, you can even hold good racket. You often miss home, feel that life is not because of the realization of the dream on the brilliant.

One day, your mood is bad to the extreme, you walk on the road, almost hit by a car. Thanks to a friend to see, he hugged your shoulder, you sent the road. He talked with you for a whole night, he said, in a bad mood and good to walk, eat, sleep well. The first time you found this strange city, originally filled with the warmth of human feelings.

You graduate, and stay in the big city that many people yearn for. I’d like to cheap jerseys online free shipping congratulate you, but to you, I see you still frown. Just started working, you live in the basement, the room is full of stale flavor, long corridor dark like no end. To get up early every day to get up early to squeeze the subway, at night and dragged his exhausted body back.

You seem to be trying to wholesale price for cheap nfl jerseys from china

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It’s 22:54 in the wholesale price for cheap nfl jerseys from china evening,You seem to be trying to just back to the dorm, full of work plans for the day. In addition to the normal course, I would also like to participate in an interview, but also to prepare a community of defense. I still have a lot of chores, as if every day is busy and full. Did a lot of things, but in bed carefully wanted to come, but it does not seem to have any harvest. Day is like a flow of water.

Every time, always think of a friend. We met in high school, I was under the impression that she is a very strong person, presided over the municipal primary school cultural festival of the Arts Festival, high school English contest presided over the whole school, when three passed the intermediate interpretation. When we are suffering the college entrance examination she gave up half alive, a famous university principal recommendation, ready to apply for Communication University of China broadcasting. When I thought impossible all might happen with her, but she came from poor 2 points from the literacy class and missed the news. That day, she to do is crazy and I cried half alive. It was the first time I saw her hysteria, like a stray cat.

After all, she did not go to Communication University of China, came to a place in Beijing is nfl jerseys cheap not particularly well known but also 211 of the school. Freshman, we communicate with each other, that she has become a part-time teacher of new oriental. Later, she made me breathless speed has become a product manager, English APP, every day to see all the people I think is daniel. If she is sitting in the rocket development, while I was driving a twentieth Century steamer.

Every time I communicate with her, I am proud of her, and again in my heart to produce a subtle sense of frustration. Often at that time, I will be determined to do something.

Remember we both came to the laboratory high school classes, to each other after the MP3 wish, vowed to see each other. Many years later. In those days she apply for Communication University of China defeat, she has been in doubt yourself, and I as an outsider to persuade her to let go. And now, she is doing a lot of wholesale nfl jerseys cheap highly educated people can not get the job in Beijing. I this self be learned in books people, but far less than she.

If she can in every field do it, I also like far behind her at her for a long time.

I think, I still have some pursuit. For example, I want to go to Guizhou in a year, I want to read 500 books in the University, I want to be in the University lost 10 pounds, I want to go to a university in Beijing, master of sociology. Now, I seem to have also achieved good results, the best academic performance, mixed with the honorary title of the school, holding a school scholarship. My efforts in the community have been rewarded, and was set as the next Secretary General of the society. I also got the favor of some boys. However, when I think about my friend, I always feel that their income is not a real existence, like colorful bubbles, will wholesale nba jerseys free shipping take a break.

She has recommended to me a lot of software, I admit that they are very good, and then continue to the day I do not fire.

Occasionally, I will envy her life, but only occasionally.

I love writing, love poetry, love songs, love poems written in prose fiction, then cheap nfl jerseys free shipping began to feel the after all not as the guy to eat, so I began to read professional books, but it often makes me hardly wished to live. A few times, and plunged back my literary fantasy City, a princess dream.

Last fall semester, she told me she wanted to be a writer. I smiled, not to say yes or no. Now, she has become a recommended author of the book, the day to see her article prompted by a sudden impulse, I was amazed at her writing and thought I had not familiar.

After all, her executive power, I do not know how many times better than I. I think, this is the crux of it.

Now, in fact, not what to complain about, we have in the heart have a strong desire to one day rise head and shoulders above others live their lives. I live most of the people in the eyes of college students should have a life, as if I have a wall behind, tired can lie down for a while, but it is also the existence of this wall, limiting my pace and direction. I do not do not work hard, just do not use the full, because I have a bargaining chip can retreat, tired, I can choose to rest.

And behind her, it’s like a cliff.

Once a friend sent me an article, tell me to try not to get what you want, tell nfl jerseys from china me that the ordinary people need a few generations of the accumulation can let the future generations to live their own life. Perhaps it is because of the ingrained early in our mind, so we had to set themselves a good variety of frame, not this, not that. We need to be successful, but we need more reasons for failure, with this universal reason, I will have to accept failure, because most people are so. Success comes from luck and effort, it is It’s only human.

In this way, I seem to have the pursuit, but always with the ideal distance.

So, in the absence of all possible to do one thing before, everyone has no right to deny themselves at the level of consciousness, but also do not give themselves to find a variety of reasons to assume the failure of the expected. Those reasons can

we realize the wholesale nba jerseys free shipping dream

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Note: This article excerpts we realize the from “the alchemist”, is wholesale nba jerseys free shipping dream a preface written by the author for the book version of the English. The book tells the story of a young boy who follows the voice of his heart, and the success of this book is the realization of his dream. As a person who is loyal to the inner voice, the author uses the experience to tell you: to realize the dream on the road, you will encounter the obstacles are what……

I remember received a letter from the American press Harper Collins’s letter, the letter said: “read the alchemist” like dawn wake up to see the sun rises at the same time, the world was still asleep. At that time, I went outside and saw the sky, self thinking: “so, this book will be published in english”. At that time, I was on the way to becoming a writer. Though all the people told me that it was impossible to achieve.

Gradually, my dream to become a reality, ten, one hundred, one thousand, one million sold in the United states. One day, a Brazil reporter called and told me that the picture of President Clinton was shot. After a few days, I saw the magazine “Vanity Fair” in Turkey, and Julia Roberts declared that she loved the book. Walking wholesale nba jerseys nike alone in the streets of Miami, I heard a girl tell my mother that you must read the book “the shepherd boy’s fantasy journey”.

This book has been translated into 56 languages and sold more than 2 million copies, people began to ask: what is the secret behind such a great success?

Honest answer: I do not know. All I know is that, as the shepherd boy, we all need to 2016 cheap nike nfl jerseys recognize our own personal mission. What is a personal mission (calling personal)? That is God’s blessing, is God for you on earth to choose the path. Whenever we do the things that make us full of passion, we create our own legends. However, not all people have the courage to face their own dreams.

First: since childhood, we have been told that you want to do is impossible to achieve”. We grow up with this idea. Days and months multiplying, prejudice, fear and guilt ingrained. Finally, our personal mission is buried in the depths of the soul and invisible. But it’s still there.

If we have the courage to dig out the dream, we will face second obstacles: love. We know what we want to do, but we are afraid to abandon everything for the pursuit of dreams, will hurt the people around us. In fact, we do not realize that “love” is a greater power, and will not prevent us from moving forward. We are not aware of those who wish us well and are ready to accompany us on this journey.

Why are you here?

When we are inspired by love, we encounter third obstacles: the fear of the failure that we wholesale nba jerseys cheap will encounter on the road.

For the dream of hard work, we will be more than before suffering. Because we can no longer rely on the old excuses: Oh, well, actually, I do not want it so much. We really want to, and have to bet on this. The way of a person’s mission is not easier than any one. The difference is that we will treat it with all our heart. Warriors of light must be prepared to be patient in a difficult period, although not in the form of a specific form, but to believe that the universe will help us.

I asked myself, (in this way) is the failure is necessary?

Whether it is necessary or not, failure will happen. When we first fight for the dream, we have no experience, will make a lot of mistakes. And the secret of life is to fall seven times, you must stand up eight times.

Since we are going to be more difficult than others, why is it so important to accomplish a personal mission?

Because, once we get over it, we can always do it – we will be filled with joy and confidence. In the silence of our hearts, we know that we are living the miracle of life. Every day, every moment, all the hard work, we live in the passion and joy of the.

Those strong and unexpected pain will soon be over, and those who seem to endure the pain has long been preserved, inadvertently, will destroy our souls, until one day, we cannot liberate themselves from the pain, it will be with us for the rest of my life.

When the dream was inspired by, when we go to nurture it with the power of wholesale nba jerseys free shipping love, and with years of struggle. We suddenly realize that we want there, waiting for us, maybe tomorrow is reachable and.

Followed by fourth obstacles: the fear of the life of the dream to be realized.

Oscar Wilde said: “everyone killed his favorite thing,” and that’s the wholesale nba jerseys truth. Just to be able to achieve the possibility of dreams, so that the average person is full of guilt. We feel that we are not fit to get what we want to see those who can not realize their dreams. We forget all the obstacles that we have crossed, all the pains of endurance, and all that we have to give up in order to come here. I know a lot of people who commit a series of stupid mistakes when they are in the best of their hands, but they do not reach their goals even if it is only one step away.

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Saw too much chicken Years of quiet good all style of soup soft 2016 cheap nike nfl jerseys from china Wen wrote:Black hair and waist girl pigtail muttonchops idiotWandering the old, Deserted InnTime is better.Can you understandIf there is no time, how can you be quiet?If you don’t work hard, how can you have the time?I have a friend A.

When we go to the university to listen to lectures, questions are drawn from the people who have the opportunity to get a special award prizes.

Host Carter, there is a large hand held high, only her hands up “Shua” to look up.

People did not expect, but the host smiled and nodded, immediately field service delivery to the microphone, she neatly questions, successfully got the gift.

After the lecture, I asked her why, she said: because I know cheap nike nfl jerseys supply that no one will stand up, if I do, the opportunity will be mine.

I still have a friend B.

In the circle of friends she often basking in the most beautiful picture: wearing a loose dress, sitting in the inn to open his own drinking coffee and look at the old book, the fresh and quiet years, like.

One day, for a long time not to contact the B suddenly borrow money from me, a large number of openings is also quite large.

I like her, but just graduated one or two years, which can suddenly come up with so much money. Asked how she, she is secretive.

After a while, she finally admitted, opened the inn has owed a lot of money, but the inn always desolate, red.

I called her silly, has been a loss of business also do. Can not be mixed up at any cheap nike jerseys from china time can come back, we help her find a job, to save money. This is not difficult in the present society, to do some part-time, vote for what, 35 years is enough.

At that time to play the life of the end of the world is not too late.

“Not too good,” she called “lack of confidence in the workplace too much intrigue, I am not very love.”

I told her that the workplace is not so unbearable, but this is the real life ah, always have to face.

But she has stressed that he wants the indisputable rob, want to slowly boil the coffee and the lazy cat. When it comes to borrow money if the business is not good, then how to do. She was still hesitated.

We spoke for a long time, and there was no conclusion.

Later hung up the phone, and then open the circle of friends, just to see the A drying out their own Microsoft gold medal staff award. Yes, she is a engineering woman, after graduation into the Microsoft.

She was sent to the United States for training, walking near cheap nfl jerseys from china the White House briefing on the monument of the bench in a daze; she often learn some cooking, shopping and spending their own money to buy their own clothes and love, male friends and co-workers to play badminton.

Think of a little place in Henan from her to wear, we all love to buy Taobao with the bursting of the grass root temperament, but with a face of an optimistic smile, sitting back six words on the ladder.

She occasionally Slide Show in the circle of friends, write some fresh text, but I can see, it is a fresh, energetic, hard life girl.

I have to admit, I’m more recognized A this time is better.

Don’t know what time to start, those in the circle of friends crazy forwarded the chicken soup tune girls “in this life to be a stay away trip”, “must go to Tibet or Yunnan,” said, “all the wealth and power are done as trassient as a fleeting cloud”, a “good quiet time, like” people.

These articles poisoned a large number of girls like B, so they mistakenly think that the years of quiet good is so simple.

But this time is still good, but it is a fake and shoddy products.

Your time is still good, no time.

How old are you? In his twenties, not in the workplace to flex its muscles, no dream, have not seen persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, the hardships of life. Your years are as thin as a piece of paper.

You say you know, understand the dream with life, to lead like heavy cheap jerseys from china pen in the thin years of carving, to put this layer of the fragile paper written in a disastrous state, too horrible to look at, had to force a smile that he is very good.

You haven’t got the mountain, why say the hills with cold, why say no mountain scenery.

Your “time is still good”, but no better.

You just graduated from college, parents hope you take off, and you say to like, you can let them down to “quiet”;

You may meet your beloved, your loved one may also is just entering the community, one person can assume the lives of two people, and you can see him hard quiet “;

And maybe you are alone, was unusual for not rob the life also let you have to cheap nike nfl jerseys from china eat and drink, but to see a play, listen to a concert or a favorite clothes will let you repeatedly plan spending constraints of life can make you still quiet”.

You see now, “Wen Qing” became a derogatory term, it makes people sad, but also helpless.

Because the former text is in the description of a group of how wonderful people, Eileen Chang, Xi Murong, Yang Liping…… Every woman has experienced numerous ups and downs, reading all the vicissitudes of life, the story will experience life into the nib,

Appropriate timing wholesale cheap nike nfl jerseys supply good quality

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I Appropriate timing used to do a job, when my line manager to wholesale cheap nike nfl jerseys supply good quality talk to me, my topic is very novel: do not fear the promotion.

Yes, I used to be a person afraid of promotion.

I don’t want a higher job title and salary, but the pressure on the role that comes with the promotion will make me shy. When you do the primary work, as long as the technology to do the work can be done; and rise to the role of the manager, you need to assume a certain sales targets. Another example of the previous work, manage yourself; and then rise requires management to other colleagues, but these people and not your return specified by you, often are some wild and intractable advocate, so their pressure will be bigger. I always shrink back at the critical moment, and provide a good and sufficient reason: I am not ready, I am afraid it is difficult to……

For a long time, so I can be “grounded” and “humble” and very pleased with oneself, I think it is that he is a responsible person and modest and prudent. To quit the job, the boss leaves gave me a heartfelt advice: “I hope you don’t be too complacent, more aggressive.” I was very surprised, also is not convinced: “I nfl jerseys supply am not willing to seize the opportunity, is not yet!”

I have a friend’s experience and performance, but it is just the opposite of me.

Her workplace is recognized as a “good” brand soft persimmon, than I am complacent, only wish is to leave to take a few days. The results of the two faction leader to fight, and finally come to both departments after the reorganization of a new Department to consider candidates, election to election had chosen for her — because only she does not belong to any faction, not provoke much contradiction.

Be friends are not willing to drive a duck onto a perch, because the Department leadership work is not good, like the waves like a boat upstream skill but also know how to balance, will be handled properly speaking skills. Friends do not want to do, and do not know how and above him, and the occasion was appointed, but was not her full of joy, gave birth to china.

But it went up, looks very difficult thing, split into each day, also cheap nfl jerseys supply in the past. Of course, a lot of problems, but fortunately the department just once to, not in a short period of time the two shocks, so some difficulties have been stuck around her teeth. The nike nfl jerseys free shipping results on the seat she had worked for two years and was later headhunters to a Nordic company to do the same job, although the same positions, salaries have multiplied, interpersonal relationship is also easier, and she herself with a “decent” and “thoughtful” won the trust of the boss.

In the face of opportunities and major decisions, our most natural response is to wait for a suitable opportunity, but what is the right time? We do not know, also don’t know the answer, muddleheaded entrusted to the future.

CISCO’s chief technology officer, Padmasi Warrior, was asked: “what is the most important wholesale nfl jerseys supply lesson you learned from your past mistakes?” She replied: “when I first started, I refused to have a lot of opportunities, because at that time I think ‘I can’t do this job’ or ‘I don’t know about this field’. In retrospect, the ability to quickly learn and make progress at a given time is the most important. Now I often mention that when you look for your next goal, it doesn’t really matter of exactly the right moment. You have to take the initiative to seize the opportunity to create a suitable for their own opportunities, rather than blindly refuse. Learning ability is the most important characteristic that a leader must have.”

Padma Tin’s answer to our two inspirations:

One is that there is not a perfect moment in life, unless you force yourself to do it. Our fears are often based on uncertainty about our ability to do the job, and from the fear of stress that is going to be under pressure. The more usual love thinking, love planning are more likely to fear, but is usually careless or utilitarian people will not be so anxious, full of joy to go up. As for how to adapt to a higher position, you can do it first. This shows that “to do” than “first want to do” better, rapid learning, and make the results is the main.

The two is in the rapid development of the society, the most important to seize the opportunity, don’t worry about whether you need to stand on tiptoe. Frankly, the workplace can give you a chance is not easy, no leadership will go repeatedly to persuade people to apply cautious silence higher position. More realistic, you may feel that you are nike nfl jerseys supply not qualified to try, but there are people who can not be as good as you are. If you don’t go, they’ll go, and they’ll run faster at a faster pace.

The “right time” problem not only appears in the workplace, but also often occurs in our life: when to change jobs, when to go abroad, when to get married, when to children…… For these common problems, we often give can only be ambiguous answer: it is not appropriate, and other conditions are ripe to say something about it.

When is the “right time”? The question is difficult to answer. What’s interesting is that if these things happen in the absence of a plan, such as being called by a head hunter.

Not so hard to chooe nike nfl jerseys free shipping from china factory get out

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I believe in fate, but Not so hard to chooe not intermittent smug, persistent mixed with food to nike nfl jerseys free shipping from china factory get out die.There are two reasons for the letter: first, I can not think of what will happen tomorrow, two of life there are too many uncertainties, people can not grasp. So, I believe that yesterday brought me lessons and today I want to do.

Many chicken soup hands tell me, as long as the efforts will be able to get success. But in fact, want to succeed in addition to many other factors, such as opportunities, such as people appreciate, such as your external environment changes, such as you continue to work twenty years or thirty years, used the time to boil. Hard work is fundamental, but not those external factors, your efforts not worth a hair.

A Jun is a teacher, working hard and meticulous. Good plan met a lot of, but I have not seen such a beautiful lesson plans, writing one, can be used as a copybook with plans for full endorsement; next, and behind the attachment of experience and reflection; he gave the students a number of operations, but also carefully worded comments.

From more than and 20 years old to work has been such an attitude, but he retired to a common teacher. I do not cheap jerseys onlin mention the reasons for the system, but he retired, said a sentence: I work hard for a lifetime, but also a young dream, but the opportunity is not the time to my head. This is not the case, not Overgeneralization. Look around their own, so that the industry leader in a few people? Most of them are ordinary people.

Also don’t give a good grasp of opportunities, don’t say that opportunities are prepared for people who are prepared. People who do not seek fame and fortune to prepare for and like hunger and thirst to see them?

A friend is doing drinks wholesale business, opened a window, the 2016 cheap nike nfl jerseys early late Hugh, contact customers, taking into account and make money very careful in reckoning, he? Earn. Asked him to achieve their desired goals? He said that income is not directly proportional to their own pay. Business is a lost thing, a lot of things are not sure.

When it comes to this, it seems very pessimistic, people living in jerseys supply center the world, since there are so many jerseys different size uncertainties, it is also mixed with what? Step by step, waiting for the fate of the arrangements. Anyway, efforts are not necessarily a result.

I also want to say that life is short, don’t have much time to die with no hope of things to do.

Mountains multiply and streams double back no doubt, There is a way out. But, believe in life do not believe in God will be a stick and killed the people, the road so much, not to go in one way to black? Is the predicament of life so difficult to break?

The gist of Lonely Nine Sword not see each other’s flaws, but stop, do not rigidly adhere to the inherent pattern.

A friend asked me: old, I am in the unit suffocated, every day from nine to five, repeating the same thing, although I do, but to live it. I say, do you have a hobby or want to do other things? He said that the work schedule is dead, work also busy mixed things, just want to do other things, there is no time.

You need to worry, euthanasia is a good choice. I say.

Now that you see retirement at a glance, the effort is still the result, do not want to make a change, with this or that kind of excuse to enjoy the cage to bring you a sense of security. What are the good results except for the dead?

At work, although everything has been clear, a lot of things they can not grasp. But there is always something you can control, like what you said to the children: do you have any hobbies or want to do? He did not, and his set had long been under siege.

Linghu Chong jumped out of the Zijin magic, Yue Buqun taught his swordsmanship, in a more clear way the achievements of their own. He has many difficulties, but he does not rigidly adhere to the form, you can control yourself. Life in the confusion too much, sometimes, to break their own inherent fixed, not rigid, another kind of attitude or lifestyle, the world will become another look.

Li Bai said to be useful, I prefer to understand this sentence in each of them has a prominent advantage. They do not play their own advantages, what is the way?

The said in front of the wine business friends, he has his own hobbies, love and leisure, often communicate with the same loving friends, a little bit of accumulated experience more and more rich. For a long time, but also make a good eye. In the collection of small and calligraphy collection of famous. Later, he will shop to others, to concentrate on the start of the collection of paintings.

Then we communicate, he said: business on the ground, a lot of jerseys factory supply things I can not control. And in the painting and calligraphy, I can in their own ability to complete control, do have confidence. To do their own things, especially the number of things, is very happy.

Why do we even in the depression is not willing to lose now have to get things? Like chicken ribs, eat no meat jerseys china factory, but also reluctant to discard, and taste after all. Because of fear, no courage, more important is no control of confidence, not the pursuit of better development of courage. So we would rather die in the middle of the dilemma than to do what we can control.

Heart, as long as the heart is still, and unwilling to die rather than being at the mercy of the heart, have control of their own destiny belief, play the advantages and strengths of their own, will slowly walk in out of predicament.

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Early Saturday morning, and So many shortcuts to buy a few friends in the online game all style of 2016 cheap nike nfl jerseys from china

playing online games, was urged to go to the curtain shop to take a. Curtain shop by the normal path from my house apart from the three road, about four km.When I reluctantly drove out the plot, to the first traffic light, saw the path at the right. I remember a night and a friend to drive through this road, not unfamiliar, I go this way, you can save at least seven minutes, a return to the province ten minutes, can go home early to “battle”. Thought of Kung Fu, the front right, drill into the alley.

This road is a one-way street, on jerseys china factory both sides of the road is a dense residential jerseys supply center area, from here to curtain shops on the street, need to go through five or six small alley. Bad luck today, turn to the second small alley, a family wedding preparations, parked about three or four car, I saw not to go, just want to back down, but I do not know what time behind with the van. Just get off, only to consult them and get off in a 2016 cheap nike jerseys kindly manner.

They see me a driver, then quickly the car turn into the next alley, let me go straight past. Can not relax for a minute, I saw in front of the original end of the alley so dense, there is a small temple, today is actually the master assembly, the trams, bicycles and cars by twos and threes basic road filled, mobile impossible.

Walking away from the car is clearly not realistic, I have to wait for the back of the cheap jerseys onlin vehicle. The back is not a wedding that family alley could not go over it. Without any hope, it’s just waiting.

In this way, 8 points out, 12 points to turn out of the alley, just 15 minutes walk from the road, I took a full 4 hours to cut a trail – this is the cost of short cuts.

The thought of life around there are a lot of girls feel good as she did well, “forcing myself to go on a jerseys different size cosmetic addiction of no return. They think the appearance is a white Formica, marry rich handsome, boarded the pinnacle of life the biggest chip, that young women is the most convenient shortcut to success.

There is no denying that there are some seemingly successful examples of society, to millions of girls who believe that they can succeed. But they don’t know is that those successful contains a lot of chance and uncertainty, and even risk and lessons, and this is precisely those who fought the girls never know.

I have a female friend, last year to enter oneself for an examination of the county tax department of jerseys factory supply civil servants. When she told me, I told her not to waste time and energy. As we all know, the smaller the place is there a little unspoken rule, powerful people are willing to take a shortcut, like the tax department this hot jobs, wolf little more meat, how could she get round that no background, poor and blank graduates?

She did not listen to a bar I advised, said it is not believe this evil, and a head into a dynamic pro forma. Three months later, I got her good news, in order to score the first results were admitted.

She said she knew this kind of examination has many connections in the interview acquaintances, so she tried to get written when a few blocks thrown second scores, the thinking of the interview results even if low to get the interview results, due to her excellent performance, the examiner is satisfied, directly gave her a high marks.

Finally, in jerseys china factory my congratulations, she admitted that life is unfair to many people, after all, we as ordinary people, but the two generation. Since we can’t walk the shortcut, don’t cut, do each step, life will give you a satisfactory answer. Usually feel very chicken soup, but now I am in front of the phone to a fierce nod.

Weekend at home station change to the “battle of marriage”, just to hear such a sentence: “ah, not trying to take the shortcut, you think you took a shortcut, fix a fork, accidentally gone astray. The sky out of the pie is not, God does not like to drop down, don’t hide what gritty guy.” I nodded to the TV again.

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So,Your dreams fall is there are several people hit the heart to love, lust and misunderstanding 2016 cheap nike jerseys usa online supply in front of a perfect, clear front, front Huazhiluanchan, dream.

This will be over, because think confidently into a dream in the night. 1 I woke up. 2 I found that my bank account has been turned into 9 figures. 3 I found that I love for many years the goddess actually like me. 4 the Curve Wrecker geniuses are racking their brains to go into the bank offered an olive branch to me.” It is a pity that you want to change the order of dream of the thing, it is still can not change the iron in reverse order.

So, it is inevitable in a month of cold water, such as the night to complain that the world is like this. In front of the original dream like to eat down, and eight hours of sleep, is the main melody of the world. In fact, the world has been like this, in fact, most of the time will not be the fate of the chicken soup. But, in order to prove the difference between you and a fish, your mind is still with the he’s really not letting this go something called the dream.

Dream, in the end what is it?

Born from it, with a dazzling mission, is always repeated in a starry night, to which people tears jerseys direct supply full of excitement. clenched fist said to walk a thousand miles. People chase it in various ways, romantic people will put it into a locked password, serious people will use it to study assiduously.

Uncertain of its actual size. Can the Harvard scholar upstart Silicon Valley is China world, all power can be as small as a poor child a year to support mountain is you up at the hard at work night and day.

Its content is extremely personal. You really dig your heart what is it, you will understand this “dream” is not your parents in the school after graduating from a few books, not your classmates who in financial freedom who was Forbes, not your colleagues in the mouth eating Hot pot singing the wife child hot Kang, Ma is not hard half a lifetime for his attention all over the world. Is it your arsenic is his honey.

Its effectiveness varies from person to person. Sometimes the blood tonic, is also a cheap nike nfl jerseys fast shipping warm heart medicine. Sometimes you go to dopamine, then left you a cold face to meet.

Even so, it is still invincible lover. If you are a just entered the ivory tower you can not not a young spark, a beautiful dream, the jerseys china factory girl and the practice papers in the reversed beings with a smile, you are late at night. If you are a just entering the job market for young people, you can not not dream, whether WTO or jerseys different size Gaosheng born wandering, are you a red rose and white rose. If you are a little old and middle-aged uncle, you can not dream, but is the face of the transparent inner cover with or is ready to brew storms on rivers and seas.

At the beginning, the dream is always the best to see the sample to capture you, without exception.

I stand in the crisscross streets of Lujiazui. Neon lights flashing, trumpet roar, dream flooding.

The young people who work hard here, ranging from 70 to 90 after. They came mostly from from all sides, walked a long way here, looking at the head also can not see the top of the skyscraper, and touched his chest, found the heart with a dream in the beginning of the heart also with fresh jumping.

The series of 6 years program engineering man has always dreamed of to come here, get down from the analyst, and then to the charge of investment fund manager. And that day and night was suffering financial statements in the arts female cubicle has dreamed of saved life first bucket of gold, just started to learn from her childhood love of leap oceans painting.

The investment banks did well male, has been a dream to meet my heart girl, has always been in reality with cheap jerseys onlin a strong girl to approached his headache. The Advisory female flying all over the world, in the face of numerous diamond bachelor pursuit, but still not from their full career and money head fit two words.

And decide to chase the person, also must understand the world, win a moderate smile Ying Ying, a far less angry eye popping anzan.

But you will say, the price is very big.

But you asked me not to waste the long to do a professional hard programming engineering men, for the high salary and continue to do a daily halo in the cubicle and enjoy the baptism of the arts female earnings, in order to find a decent secular surrender as a feeling not too many girls, or to a well done better with a diamond Bachelor in hand the dressy or foppish Aegean Sea, or, elegantly turned off, to show a sense of vanity to show some love and utter devotion it and take care of it and let it carry forward, I will not hesitate to choose the latter.

order lowest price cheap nike nfl jerseys fast shipping Rescue hopeless life

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Komatsu is my university with the schoolmate order lowest price cheap nike nfl jerseys, the family fast shipping Rescue hopeless life was poor, the mother paralyzed for many years, father dengsanlun family. Her college costs independently, every weekend, we nest in the dorm to sleep watching TV, she held the plate in the supermarket promotions, from early nine to nine p.m.. We are laughing and climbing when shopping on her back and forth distribute leaflets in the building of the residents of the building, a day to climb the five thousand steps.

In 2001, Komatsu examination preparation. Just a month before the exam, her father had an accident, he overloaded the tricycle in the emergency shelter in a large truck, upside down in a ditch, his father died on the spot, also hit a little girl.

Komatsu please leave a half a month, the funeral home to his father, and sold the house for girls, and can not take jerseys china factory care of the mother, near the school rented a small cottage to settle down, she gave up the grind, move out of the dormitory and school every day, to find a job, take care of the mother, also insisted on the name of work.

It is hard to imagine a twenty year old girl is how to carry it all. At that time she common after class in the canteen to buy a steamed stuffed bun, riding a broken bike to my mother to go by like the wind, hair blown out of order from the back, do not see a girl.

She finally left in my impression, is that messy and hard back.

And now, Komatsu is a toy factory manager. Shortly before we met, she wore an authentic nhl jerseys from china elegant suit, delicate makeup, like that person, I had a hard time put in front of her and the memory of the girl together.

Talk and the past, she told me that she suffered far more than I know.

She was to have a boyfriend, but also college students, is a poor, they work well together, about the Komatsu in PubMed, but then his mother came, he went once, then disappeared.

There was no mobile phone, is the dormitory telephone, he never received the Komatsu phone, they haven’t been working in the supermarket. Komatsu riding a bike to school hours to find him, he did not hold the dormitory building, students sent a note down, say sorry, you didn’t know me. Komatsu Chuaizhe the note ride back, big wind blowing, tears all over my face.

In order not to let her mother know, when coming home, she found the toilet wash face, with sleeves dry, see mother, is a person’s refreshed.

But Komatsu mother felt hurt the children. Once Komatsu found her in the save rope, long short pile, saved, a cheap jerseys onlin small piece of a small piece of ground, under the quilt on the bed – beam, fool can guess what she did. The day Komatsu hugged her mother cry, I said no dad, do you still want me without a mother? Her mother cried, said Komatsu I see you too bitter.

“At that time, I thought, I am a good person, have hands and feet have brains, don’t also keep my mom?” Komatsu said.

The second day, she spent 170 dollars to buy a set of the rest of life the most expensive clothes, and had a haircut to start your life looking for work. Her job requirements are simple: the salary is high, not a business trip (because to take care of her mother). As for the size of the company, occupation outlook, work intensity of what she had, don’t care about a difficult survival of the people, the ideal, future, self is too uncertain what her a pressing matter of the moment is to live.

Then she went into the only 5 people in a small company, a person to do three people live, leading their salary, busy even graduations were scorched by the flames, did not participate in the.

“At that time I see other students, all with the gods, too relaxed and leisurely jerseys direct supply.” Komatsu said, “but they still complain that work tired, poor leadership, work overtime too late what, say everybody is very depressed, want to collapse. I said, this is still a thing, you want to change me, you can not live?”

“Don’t you feel bitter?”

“Bitter, bitter dead. But in no mood to complain, no time to collapse, but did not qualify hypocritical, I must first ensure that we could survive. In fact, I am not a particularly strong willed person, but people have to go that step, you have to go forward with a boring head.”

She went on to say something that I thought was very good:

“When it’s too hard, you don’t want to think about it. Do you like to climb a high mountain, at the foot of the mountain can not always see the top of the mountain, so you will feel exhausted can not go, get discouraged, despair.

If this mountain you can not climb, do not think how high it, the first step to step out of the foot to say, the first difficulty to solve the immediate problem to say, go one step more difficult.

I used to distribute leaflets part-time too, if the total planning to climb five thousand step today, may go out to be paralyzed, but every time I want to say, on the first floor, then a layer and then a layer to climb.”

A year later, Komatsu finally Huanguo gas to pay off student loans, and my mother moved out of cottage, she switched to another big toy company, while trying to do my job, and carefully study the daily commute in listening to the industry bigwigs lecture, the evening also tired to read a 40 page book, also have the jerseys different size opportunity to help other colleagues to work with them.

And after two years, she applied to a larger toy factory, one is the middle, where the understanding of the present